The Amazing Ashley Dill!


What are some of your favorite hobbies?
-My hobbies are definitely archery, sports and Netflix lol normally if I'm not hunting I am somewhere watching a baseball or basketball game.

What's the perfect first date?
-The perfect first date would be going to a Braves game and eating all the ballpark food my stomach can hold lol (not very sexy, I know. I should probably say long walks on the beach)

If you are cooking a meal for a guy, what are you cooking?
-My favorite meal to cook a guy is cheesy bbq chicken with bacon. I have pretty much perfected the recipe :D

So we heard you like to hunt, can tell us a little about that?
-I love to hunt. I have two bows, one for hunting deer and the other for shooting fish. (Bowfishing.... very hillbilly of me) I am also known as the warrior of squirrels lol. I'm kind of a big Dill :p

Does modeling come easy or do you get nervous in front of the camera?
-I've never modeled before Hooters so this is all new territory to me. Actually whenever a camera comes out I am usually making some goofy face lol but it is definitely something that I have learned that I love to do so I am very grateful and humbled that Hooters has given me the opportunity to do something that I enjoy so much. I am still learning though.

If you could do a swimsuit shoot anywhere in the world, where would you go?
-I would probably choose the islands of Santorini Greece if I could choose anywhere. It is so beautiful and I am slightly obsessed with Greek mythology so it is on my bucket list to go there :)

Other than your awesome laugh, what do you get the most compliments on?
-It's a toss up between my eyes and my personality. I love it when people say that they like my personality because it shows that they see past physical features and appreciate who you really are.

It's girls night out... What are you up to?
-My girls night usually consists of beer, netflix, and eating cake in our pajamas. Sometimes I get lucky and persuade my girls to build forts because let's face it..... forts are cozy.

What music/artists are you listening to these days?
-I listen to a lot of country music but here lately I have been on an Eminem kick.... you should see my pandora shuffle.. It goes from Reba and Blake Shelton to Marshall Mathers real quick.

Favorite place to shop? 
-My favorite place to shop is forever 21. I try to get creative and switch up my look from time to time but always end up back flannel shirts and beanies haha

Thanks for answering some question! What can we expect you to be doing in 10 years?
-I am currently in school for mass communications. Sports broadcasting is my dream job but I also want to eventually open my own youth camp. I have a lot to do in ten years lol