Hooters Girl Q&A: January '16 Feature Girl

Jordyn Chessmore

1. Nickname: Jordie.

2. Favorite Hooters food: Hot wings, naked and saucy.

3. ____ & chill: Shark Tank.

4. It's Friday night, what are you doing? I'm a huge foodie so, I try to go to a new restaurant every weekend. 

5. What is your biggest pet peeve? Tardiness.

6. What do you look for in a guy? Humor is a huge thing for me! I also love to see when guys have a passion for something.

7. If you could have any superpower what would it be? Teleportation, so I can travel everywhere!

8. What is your favorite home cooked meal? Anything off a barbecue, I can make a mean steak!

Instagram: @jordynchessmore